FHM Men's Reserve Team 2018

The Men's Premier Reserve team play in the NRFL 1st Division Reserve competition. The team is coached by Zoran Ivanovic. 

Zoran has been coaching at the club for a number of years.

Zoran has been involved with football all his life. He comes from Serbia where he played different levels and leagues semi-professionally and started his football at Red Star Academy in Belgrade.  He studied at the Faculty of Sports Science at the Belgrade Institute for Football Coaches.

After moving to New Zealand in 19 years ago, he played for Central United for 1 year, Takapuna AFC for 8 years , North Shore United over 30’s , Forrest Hill Milford over 35’s and Forrest Hill Milford AFC over 45’s.

Zoran has been involved with junior and youth development programmes at Forrest Hill Milford for 5 years where he has worked across different age groups.

He is very passionate about the game and his back ground as a youth footballer in Serbia helps him bring a very technical approach to coaching junior players making sure they develop proficiently .

Zoran takes his coaching role seriously and always helps around the Club to coach and mentor a large number of players every year and the benefits of his constant support to young players is shown by the quality of football played by his teams.

Zoran is currently finishing his Oceania B Licence (UEFA B) together with his Level 3 Youth Coaching Course .

The Team is managed by Chip Holland. This season the Club has chosen to focus on promising youth players for our Reserves team.