Pro Coaching

Age 9 to 12 years old (Mini Football)

Each age group from 9 to 12 years old has the top 2 teams selected for the PRO-COACHING PROGRAMME which is based on 2 training sessions per week plus game day.

The Coaches which deliver the Club Development programme (fully aligned to NZ Football) are independent professional coaches. Most of them have been working with the Club for some time now.

Each player needs to be selected to be part of this programme first with invitation letters sent at the end of the trials. The professional coaches must be qualified through NFF/AFF/NZF coaching development courses in order to be able to deliver the programme.

The PRO-COACHING PROGRAMME has a separate fee that each player pays to the Club for the year. It works out to be around $5 per session/game. These fees are directly passed onto the coaches.

The Club helps the coaches to further their development in order to offer the best coaching to each player.

 In the past few years the Club has found more teams in the development groups (beneath PRO COACHING PROGRAMME groups) asking the Club to provide coaches for their groups. This has allowed an opportunity for the Club’s senior Men’s and Women’s teams to provide coaches for the season. This process has been very successful and provides development opportunities for the Club’s younger coaches.

Age group 13-17 years old

The Club continues with the PRO-COACHING PROGRAMME with 1 or 2 teams at the top of each grade having a professional coach appointed to further players’ development as well as streamlining the pathway towards the NTC (National Talent Centre) set up. Players that are more developed physically, technically and tactically are given the opportunity to play up a grade if the Club thinks this is in the best interests of the player. This happens after full consultation with coaching staff.