The Club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and a very hardworking Administration and Coaching Team.  This model allows us to benefit from the generosity of volunteers as well as having a team that is 100% dedicated to serving our membership.


Volunteering can be very satisfying, even if you only have a few hours spare we are always looking for support.


Our Club is a great place to meet and work with other people and to develop all sorts of skills. With over 1,000 members we can offer opportunities in many aspects of personal development.


If you have an interest in football and have the time to participate, we can provide practical experience.

You can just participate now and then or have longer term involvement. From being a Coach, a Manager or a Grade Convenor to helping organise events or aspects of the Club, we have many ways you can develop skills and meet a variety of people in your community.

Sometimes volunteering can seem very daunting, mainly because you may be apprehensive about what is expected or worried by volunteering may take up too much time. As a Club we are very mindful of that fact and it is our goal to match a volunteer to a role that suits them and their available time.  Volunteering significantly increases the Club’s ability to provide a positive experience to you and your children.


Contact our Club Manager on email if you would like to be on a list for small jobs or have particular aspects of the Club you would like to be involved in.


We’d love to hear from you.