Age group 13-17 years old

The Club continues with the PRO-COACHING PROGRAMME with 1 or 2 teams at the top of each grade having a professional coach appointed to further players’ development as well as streamlining the pathway towards the NTC (National Talent Centre) set up. Players that are more developed physically, technically and tactically are given the opportunity to play up a grade if the Club thinks this is in the best interests of the player. This happens after full consultation with coaching staff.

Grade 13 Girls' Convenor;             ​                            Carmina Smith ​  ​

​Grade 14 NFF and Grade 16 Girls' Convenor;        Jackie Carkeek ​ 

Grade 14 Prem Girls' Convenor;                              Greg Hanton

Grade 13 Boys' Convenor;                                         Jeff Knight

Grade 14/15 Boys' Convenor;                                   Jeff Knight        

Grade 17 Girls' Convenor;                                         Carmina Smith ​  ​​

Grade 17 Boys' Manager;                                         Lisa Daniels